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How To Hang Artwork | Poppsee

By admin | 27 Oct 2021

The way artwork is hung on a wall can make a difference.  Too small… and it looks lost.  Too big…and it eats the space.  Here are a few tips on how to get it just right.


When you are going to frame a piece of artwork, think about a few things.


  • Does it fit the wall you want to put it on?  You want it to fit on the wall with good proportion.  Think of it as the wall or space is a frame around your actual frame. Vertical frame = vertical wall or space.  Horizontal frame = horizontal wall or space.



  • If the artwork is small, but the wall is large you can add a larger mat to make the finished frame larger and this also lends a formal gallery look as well



  • If the artwork is too small for the space you can also stack a few piece together


https://bit.ly/3GrHEBw (image source)

  • For large walls or spaces a collection is an easy way to fill the space.


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